Disciplinary Policy

Corridor Discipline:

Disciplinary policy of school for studentsDisciplinary Policy Students should leave the classes for library, nutrition class, gardening class and PT silently and in proper line. Class monitors should be made responsible to maintain discipline in the corridors.

Rules for Students:
  • No student should leave the class without the Exit Pass.
  • Only one student at a time will be allowed to leave the class.
  • Students should finish the lunch during break time and they should not carry eatables to the class.
  • Students reaching late to the class after the assembly or break would be kept standing in the class.
  • S.No. Nature of Misbehaviour Nature of Penalty
    01. Not wearing proper uniform To be sent back home
    02. Not completing homework on time Detention in break time or after school to complete homework
    03. Misbehaving with teachers and classmates Suspension from classes
    04. Eating in class Eatables will be taken away
    05. Going in and out of the class windows Suspension from classes
    06. Bunking classes Suspension from classes
    07. Causing damage to the school property Rs. 300/- fine will be imposed
    08. Bringing Cameras and Cell Phones in class Confiscation
    09. For not maintaining silence during examination and cheating. Deduction of marks
    10. For littering the ground during break time. Ground to be cleaned by such students
    School Uniform:
  • All students must wear proper school uniform.
  • Fancy watches, colour hair bands, earrings and make-up is/are not allowed.
  • Mehndi is allowed only on occasions. Permission should be taken to apply mehndi for family occasions. Hair should be properly tied, long hair should be braided.
  • Personal cleanliness will be checked by the prefects.